Ferguson Smart Whistle is now available in good electronic stores near you.

World’s Easiest Personal Safety Device

Blow the whistle or press button for 2 seconds can promptly activate your emergency calling, SOS texts, and emails to your pre-selected contacts. Immediate help from friends and families can be provided in the moment of need.

Full-time security

For girls and women, for female students and scholars, for elderly and lonely people – always at hand, regardless of the weather or other factors. For a child in a colony or camp, for walker award-wilderness – Ferguson Smart Whistle is the ideal protection for everyone!

Emergency Location Tracking

In the case of an event location data with a map will be included in the SMS and e-mail sended to predefined contacts, so that assistance can be given quickly and when it is most needed.

Tracking on the Map in an Emergency Situation

In case of emergency, a discrete map with your location is sent via SMS/eMail to the contacts you defined. Information is updated every 2-3 minutes, so that in emergency situation, you contacts receive as close as possible location shown on the map.

How it Works?

Ferguson’s Smart Whistle Features

SOS Call

The smartphone makes an emergency call with a defined contact


The smartphone sends up to 3 SMS messages to predefined contacts


The smartphone sends eMail messages to predefined contacts

Alarm Sounds

Your smartphone plays a loud siren alarm

Whistle Sound

Blow the whistle to sound loud signal to alert witnesses

Hidden Activation

Press the button to send an activation signal for the hidden functions of the device

The best gift for your loved ones!

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